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By eOne Solutions

One of our favorite Integration tools!  

SmartConnect is the go-to toolset to integrate anything with Dynamics 365GPNAVCRM,Salesforce, and more.  Handle complex integration requirements. 

Deliver integrations in the cloud or on premise — your choice.



By eOne Solutions

As the Number One way to get information out of GP for end users, having the ability to quickly write and customize SmartLists is of  vital importance.

This valuable tool also comes with Table Finder, a uniquely awesome way to learn where your data is.

SmartList Builder


By eOne Solutions

To add even more capability for stunning analysis, research and reporting, add SmartView to your SmartLists!  This handy tool allows for various groupings and totaling directly in the SmartList.

This is a can't miss!



By Jet Global

Jet Reports allows you to get all of the operational data you need, in a format that works for you!  This Excel based reporting and budgeting software adds dynamic reporting capabilities and gives it to the end user!

Their Jet Basics is a free version promoted by Microsoft!

A great way to self service reporting!

Jet Reports


By nQativ

Not all excel based reporting software is equal.  This awesome product is a low-cost way to access your GP data from Excel and other locations!  

Our expert opinion is that this is the reporting software right for you if you need a simple replacement for Management Reporter and are cost-conscious.